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Rocky Point has become a town with some great new restaurants to choose from. Over the past couple of years, many new places have opened and are doing a great job. There is something for everyone’s taste
buds. There are also many places that have stood through the good times and bad.

Some of the well-known places such as Playa Bonita, El Capitan, La Cuerva, Guiseppi’s, Capones, and Blue Marlin. Mar Blu, Chef Mickey’s, Manny’s Beach Club, Pink Cadillac, Koffee Haus, Dukes, and The Lighthouse just to name a few are doing a great job of keeping up with the ever-changing restaurant scene. They have offered great food and great service for over 30 years in some cases.

Now you have the newcomers like Garufa Steak House on Sandy Beach, Grapes and Barley in the Old Port, Collins Cantina in the Princesa, The New Mexican Restaurant on the way to Sandy Beach, El Tapeo in the Laos Mar Best Western Hotel, Wrecked at the Reef and LaArena which is next to the Penasco Del Sol Hotel or Old Mole which is located in town. There seem to be more mom and pop places opening up as well which feature regional food as well as food from the South of Mexico.

You can be assured that you will find food for everyone in your group as well as the different cuisines that are here. Everyone has stepped up their game in food quality and service. If you want great steaks featuring Sonoran beef, go to Chef Mickey’s, Mar Blu, and Garufa as you will not be disappointed. La Arena serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner with a water view. Looking for great fresh seafood and Mexican food make sure you go to the Blue Marlin. La Cuerva is known for its Mexican food specialties. Ole Mole serves a great fish fry as well as Mexican food. Grapes and Barley has a huge selection of craft beer and different Mexican beers and wines from Mexico as well as a vast menu with things like a Brisket Sandwich and fantastic hamburgers.

When you come to Rocky Point make sure to check out all of these local businesses and everything they have to offer.