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Rocky Point Weather

Puerto Penasco offers some of the best years around weather anywhere in Mexico. In the winter months, it has warm days into the low 70s during the day, but the nights can get chilly (in the high 40s and 50s).

December can be a rainy month, depending on if it is a La Nina or El Nino year. The good news is even if the day is cool, the sun shines almost every day.

Spring and fall are the ideal months to come to Rocky Point as there is no humidity. In those months it is sunny nearly every day. Perfect for fishing, golfing, or hanging out on the beautiful clean beaches.

If you are familiar with the weather in Arizona in the summer months, you can expect the same in Rocky Point. Usually starting in June and running into September, you will find temperatures during the daytime of up to 102 degrees. This is the season of humidity so it does feel warmer than it really is and it is sticky. The good thing about the summer months, you have the Sea of Cortez to dive into to cool off, even if the water is warm, you will still feel refreshed.

If you love the sun, Puerto Penasco is the place for you to come to with over 330 days of sunshine.

Seasonal Weather Calendar in Rocky Point Mexico 

September to November  – Highs of 85 and lows around 64
June to August –  Highs of 98 and lows around 71
March to May – Highs of 80 and lows around 62
December to February  – Highs of 67 and lows around 41

As you can see Rocky Point weather is nice year-round.